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Proposal Planning...How to Pop the Question

📷Erin L. Taylor

Are you contemplating asking your significant other the big question? This is a monumental event in your life, your time to really show her how much you love her. Every girl, and every couple, is very different. Your way of showing affection may be completely different from someone else's, and that's ok! Either way, no matter your style or take on love, you want to make sure this goes well, we're talking about your future here!

We all know that a wedding is normally centered around the bride, I mean this is her big day, her day to shine, her day to be a princess...but what about the groom? When can it be your time to take center stage? Ladies, the wedding day might be yours, but the proposal is his. DO NOT take that away from him! I have noticed so many couples going to jewelry stores to pick out an engagement ring together...the ring is a gift, and therefore, should be a surprise, and to be honest, if he can't pick out a ring you'd love (or find someone to help him) maybe you need to rethink this relationship all together.

Popping the question can be an overwhelming feat. So guys, let's talk about your plan. At this point, maybe you know where you want to propose, but aren't sure how to orchestrate a celebratory gathering after the fact. Maybe you want an elaborate fireworks display, or maybe a low key picnic for just the two of you. Planning this moment can be scary. You have a gazillion thoughts running through your head...should I get down on one knee, will she want to celebrate with family and friends after, is the weather going to hold out, will she like the ring, what will her reaction be? This is definitely not a time to try and pull it all off on your own, especially if your idea of a proposal includes multiple moving parts. No matter what, the proposal should be a reflection of you and your relationship. If over the top isn't your style, don't do it.

But if you do want all the frills, first, map out your ideal proposal. Discuss your ideas with close family members and friends that you can trust will keep this big secret. If you are remotely traditional, don't forget to ask your future fiancé's parents for their blessing. Have you researched the perfect ring? Maybe your future wifey has been dropping hints about what she might like. If you are completely clueless ask for help. Does she have a sister or close friend you could entail to pick the perfect ring? Don't forget, asking her mom for help is an option as well.

Once you have composed a general idea of what you want to do, and have made the big purchase, start making final decisions and solicit the appropriate assistance. Do you want the moment to be captured on film or photographed? Maybe you should hire a professional photographer, or maybe you have a friend who is talented in that realm. If you want to share the big moment with family and friends, start contacting them and letting them in on the details.

Yes, this is all overwhelming I know, but the more you think about things prior to popping the question, the more prepared you will be. And for those of you who think all of this is ridiculous, that is fine and dandy, because going with the flow can be perfectly fine too. Your proposal, like your wedding, marriage, and future life together should be a reflection of YOU! Your style should dictate how you go about doing these things. Don't let Joe Schmo convince you differently. But if you find yourself needing assistance, feel free to hit me up for the new proposal planning package!

📷: Erin L. Taylor Photography

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