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Do I Really Need an Event Planner? Top 7 Reasons Why an Event Planner is a Good Investment

Let's face it, money talks. When you start thinking about your upcoming event you may focus on the cost of what it will take to implement your ideas. Why in the world would I fork up the money for an event planner when I can do this myself? But one thing people forget is the fact that when you host an event you should be just that...the host! If you take on the planning and implementation of your event you won't have the opportunity to mingle with your guests like you should, let alone enjoy all of your hard work! The following items outline the most important reasons why hiring an event planner is worth a portion of your budget.


When you start listing the aspects of your event an overwhelming feeling can begin washing over you. It is imperative for you to establish an initial budget. But how do you allocate those funds? What is the running fee for venues in your area? What is a reasonable cost for a band? How much do caterers run around you? To gain the answers to all of these questions will take a chunk of time for you to figure out. You will have to conduct a great deal of research, still not completely sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. This is where an event planner can be a big help. Planners are already aware of the costs for each line item and know where to find the best deals in the area. In some cases a planner can provide you with discounts if you sign with his or her preferred vendors. They are well aware of what percentage of your budget should be designated for each part of your event, giving you a realistic guide for your money. In many situations planners act as a cost savings solution for you.


As you start thinking about your event, what are your goals? What type of atmosphere are you hoping to create for your guests? What kind of food will be satisfactory for a large crowd, with a range of palettes? How much glassware, china, and flatware will you need to ensure the event runs smoothly? These are all important factors that can make or break a party. Event planners have the knowledge to help you host an event with ease. Maybe you know what you want the décor to look like, but you don't know where to begin. Planners can take your ideas and provide you with options to pull it all together. In other cases, maybe you aren't the creative type and require further assistance. A planner can assess your general style and the type of event to come up with different ways to achieve your vision.


Do you know the ins and outs of proper etiquette? Do you have the time research all of the possible scenarios when it comes to the customary protocol of an event? Why not have a go to for all of your random decorum inquiries? Event planners are knowledgeable in this area, providing you with the support you need to ensure you are following all of the mannerly guidelines of society. Etiquette can be an overwhelming topic, often becoming a tedious frustration when planning an event. And in many scenarios it is subject to change with the times. How do I know how to address an invitation for a couple who lives together but isn't married? Which arm should groomsmen offer guests when ushering them into the ceremony? Is it appropriate to indicate the attire of the event on the invitation? Which vendors require a tip and how much is appropriate? Planners stay in the know when it comes to the rules and regulations of social gatherings, keeping you at ease throughout the planning process and your actual event.

Vendor Selection

Vendors can make or break an event, therefore the selection process shouldn't be taken lightly. Knowing suitable vendors in your area is key. This information can be obtained through extensive research...but who honestly has time to find out who's the best of the best in every category needed to pull of a streamlined event? Let's say you didn't have time to do your research and went with the cheapest florist, not realizing they are known for being late. Maybe you contract an out of town band, incurring extensive travel costs, when there was an equal option locally. Event planners have established relationships in the event community of vendors. They are your go to when it comes to selecting the best vendors for your unique event. Save yourself some time and a few headaches by allowing a planner to provide you with guidance in the selection of your event team.

Time Management

Strategically mapping out your your event, and what it will take to accomplish your goals, is of the utmost importance. The timing of contracting vendors, selecting a venue, acquiring a caterer, and choosing entertainment options can become tedious. There are specific times in which certain line items must be completed. Are you aware of when everything needs to be contracted to ensure availability? Do you know when certain things are going to occur over the course of your event? Do you have the time and organization skills to communicate the intricate timing of every detail to all vendors and any other key parties involved in producing a seamless event? Event planners tackle time management head on, alleviating a great deal of undue stress for you. Rather than trying to figure out when you should do this and that, a planner will keep you on track with all moving parts in an organized fashion.


Remaining on task through the duration of your engagement can be near to impossible. This will be one of the busiest, most hectic, and exciting times of your life. A wedding planner is essential in this area. Whether you need help from the start, or that extra hand to get across the finish line, a planner can accommodate your needs while keeping you in the race. From keeping you on schedule with tasks to making payments to all vendors in a timely manner, an event planner is essential when it comes to keeping clients focused. Even if you are the most organized human imaginable, it's always nice to have that sense of security knowing someone is double checking what you have done.

Orchestration and Execution

It's impossible to be in more than one place at one time, I mean unless you're Marty McFly and have access to a time traveling DeLorean (which would be pretty awesome)...but in all seriousness, how can you possibly function as the host, guest, honoree, bride, and event planner all at once? There are a lot of moving parts to any event, and most people overlook the small details that have the ability of making huge impacts in both positive and negative ways. Event planners take every bit of that off your plate. By hiring a planner you are ensuring that you have a chance to actually enjoy the party. Planners take care of everything behind the scenes. They make sure you aren't bothered with "insignificant" issues that can be easily rectified without taking you from your guests. Planners guarantee all of your hard work is seen through to the end, by ensuring all details are taken care of as planned. Don't gamble with the idea of not hiring a planner, allow someone to give you the opportunity to take care of the dirty work so you can enjoy the end results of the planning.

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